This blog is meant to be a space for my personal thoughts, opinions, and philosophies.

I used to live in a room in the serene ambiance of St. Stephen’s College, Mukarji East block till recently. My daily routine comprised of trying to pull myself up in the mornings voluntarily to attend the lectures. This was mostly a failed endeavour and I ended up learning mostly by myself holed up in my room and snug under my blanket. An occasional background music lifted my spirits as I pursued my independent pursuits, choices, and ideas. (Yes, I use the Oxford comma!)

But I like living in Utopia from time to time. Preliminary etymology will tell you that in Greek that means that I live nowhere (from time to time). But Buddhism equates the universe to nothing. So there. No need to be scandalised, though. I am indeed living and 21 (edit to 22 as of this November) years of age. I do not earn a penny yet (unless you count scholarship money) and I am happy relieving my occasional bouts of ennui through this outlet. I was born a Bengali and Hindu, as my name clearly suggests. Thanks for the profiling. You now have an adequate background to judge my opinions.

I don’t like being too blunt, but I figured that an About page is like an instructions manual. Hence a disclaimer here. Most of my posts will be replete with innuendoes and double entendres. Best of luck catching them.

I currently reside in a college house on Oxford Road, Cambridge with a smashing plan in the works to obtain a First Class! (LOL)


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