Two and a half thoughts

Half a thought? What’s that?


Okay, I have been uploading quite a slew of posts over a few days, eh? I must be jobless. Hmm. Not really. I have my final lab internal: SciLab tomorrow but meh. I am putting off some coding practice for a few more hours.

Firstly, I thought that I’d title this post Renaissance. But decided against it. The primary reason being that this is a more personal post and while “Renaissance” does put some weight to the topic, it isn’t what I’d normally tell myself. So, let’s give a high five for authenticity here. (Just imagine the palms meeting. Duh!)

Second one is regarding the nature of this blog or blogging itself. Blogging, I believe was quite popular in the pre-Facebook era. Blogspot (what’s WordPress?) was the chosen arena and most of the still running blogs took their birth at that time. When Youtube wasn’t yet a thing. When computers were huge boxes and when data was stored in megabytes. Gulp! I am thus a pretty rare breed or just plain anachronistic. So why do people blog?


Well, most blogs I read turned out to be an online reproduction of personal diaries. I will make an often used disclaimer here: This is NOT one of those blogs. While most people who maintain diaries, prefer not making them available to the public eye, they secretly desire their works to be read. Perhaps anonymously. But definitely read. To be read for what they have to say about someone and somethings perhaps, but not judged for who they are. Which explains the paranoia towards secrecy among those penning diaries. Blogging achieves the same goals, albeit in a different way. The blog could be anonymous. And the odds of some ol’ friend of yours finding the blog and linking it to you is relatively low. However, it acts more as an outlet for one’s feelings. Thoughts pent up and thought out loud but never articulated. Emotions which could not be emoted. Desires which could not be met. It becomes an avenue for channelling these creatively. And what better way to do this than to blog.

I have my own reasons to blog, some of which are perhaps tangential to those described in the previous para. But then, my blog is also very different. It is not anonymous. Of course, I don’t link it to Facebook, Twitter etc. But that’s more in an effort to keep this realm separate and exclusive. Besides, I reveal quite a lot about myself through successive posts which should take little pain to discover. Furthermore, I started this blog at a time when Facebook has killed blogging and Twitter has brought Creativity to his grave. At a time when attention spans are lost with a few flashy pictures and some cute half-liners, my reasons for choosing blogging are very different from those of the average blogger. Which brings me to my final thought.

What is half a thought? Can there be such a thing? Okay. I was plain pulling your legs here. Or was I? What if I am anonymous? What if my identity is fake? What if all I claim here is the polar opposite of what I believe in? You can never really verify. And that satisfies me!

I’ll continue with the other half some other time. Or perhaps not.

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