There is a movie by that name!


There are quite a lot of motivational videos available freely on Youtube (and perhaps other video sharing sites which I haven’t bothered to browse.) Anyway, I was oblivious to their existence till I was introduced to a few of such illegally downloaded videos by a senior of mine last year. (I had no role to play in their downloads so don’t bother to sue me. You stand on weak ground.) These videos made me dwell on a few truths or lies or “true lies”. (Please forget Schwarzenegger here.) There are an abundance of articles, as a simple Google indexing will show, of how human beings have the innate ability of being something more than they are right now. How it is also within every one’s rights to climb Everest only if you have that passion and desire. Then these will be replete with examples such as Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani and Albert Einstein among others. Of course what these articles overlook is that of the several hundreds who have climbed Everest, many more have perished before reaching the summit. Borrowing Donald Trump lexicon, they were “losers”! I am not patronizing their effort, but one must also keep in mind to weigh the consequences before setting out for a life defining quest. Moreover, I’ve also figured that of most people offering advice, especially those of motivational kind, have themselves never climbed the summit themselves.

Why am I writing this suddenly? Because I’ve had several alter egos in my dreams and real life tell me that not everything is over if you fail. It apparently sets you free. Doesn’t happen that way. Unless of course you are already doing something you despise. If you want to do something, you can do it well independent of whether you have achieved some crowning success or damning failure. But, of course, I’ll admit the pressures to succeed are proportional to successes enjoyed.

It is very easy to morally easy dictate once you have achieved success. I got into the University of Cambridge after quite a few attacks by the product of excessive indolence and an extended bouts of relevant but pernicious thoughts nonetheless. And immediately afterwards I expended my happiness watching the Youtube short film “Acceptance”. Pretty awesome for a short film I must say. To say nothing about the mail with the acceptance letter of course.

download (3)

More about that later.

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