The poetry of living on the edge

Existence is a fleeting opportunity. Swarms of thoughts and emotions barrage through before we are flushed into oblivion for eternity. A flicker of light in the seemingly never-ending darkness. Yet, how bright that flame glows during its momentary life makes those witness to that sight cherish those fleeting moments forever. Compared to the large numbers [...]


Total Number of Possible Words

The total number of words that can be composed in English...

Order Tea or Tea Order

I put my taste buds to test to check if we can distinguish whether you put milk first in your tea.

The Story

A short story about a story.

The Semicolon

Start. Pause. Repeat.

The F-Word

IMDb apparently has introduced an F-rating for films.

Killing time and people softly…

What would happen if you put a person in a microwave?

The Sailboat

This poem describes a painting of a sailboat and delves deeper into reality or illusion, whichever way you might want to look at. Periwinkle brushed away the horizon from skies and oceans; People wouldn’t be same. Jonquil kissed Ecru with passion as the final sun bathed them in righteous flames Without passing judgment. Tenebrous cloaks [...]


I have been frequently told that the below poem is too abstruse and the actual meaning that I wished to convey is not apparent. While a certain degree of grandiose was intentional, I wrote this poem for the sake of poetry and the beauty of Art in its truest form and couldn't be less bothered [...]

A Publication

Relation Between Taylor and Fourier Series